Free antivirus software, what can they offer

Free antivirus software – what can they offer?

Free antivirus software… what can they offer?

An essential part of our personal cybersecurity is the installing of an effective antivirus software (AV). But there is a bewildering amount of choice both free to download or paid for services.

But in today’s cyberworld simply having AV software is not enough. The sheer scale of attacks and frequency means the traditional AV struggles to keep up.

The growth of new techniques such as phishing are now aimed at the real weakest link in computer security: you.

It has also emerged in recent times that some AV software is unintentionally providing hackers with opportunities. Such as when Symantec/Norton products were recently found to have serious security flaws.

Some AV products also seek to embed themselves into your encrypted communications to monitor your web traffic directly. Obviously, this can have major security and privacy implications.

Despite these reservations it is still highly recommended by all experts to have a good AV software installed. But installed alongside good housekeeping and basic security measures such as strong passwords, not falling for phishing emails and keeping backups.

Surprisingly, with just a little investigation you can find many free software that offer a wide-range of features that you would normally expect to have to pay for, such as identity theft and VPN services. Remember though that with some free software there is a lack of technical support. So, if you go down this road you’re on your own.

So, here we look at five free software that offer a wide range of features with no cost at all.


Five free antivirus software


TOTALAV offers a wide range of services for a freebie. Apart from the basic malware protection it offers spyware removal, adware cleaner, a firewall and its own VPN. It also boasts its software will protect you from ransomware and phishing attacks.


Boasting over 500 million users, PCPROTECT offers a range of services found in paid programs. Among its features it offers a System Scan, browser management, firewall and an Ad Block Pro. It also offers a password vault to keep passwords safe in one place. As with TOTALAV it has its own inbuilt VPN service.


SCANGUARD offers a pretty comprehensive range of services and a cross platform approach covering desktop, smartphone and tablets.

Among its range it includes a firewall, VPN protection and a feature to enhance performance that includes identifying specific errors and programs which can impact adversely on your PC.

Its file manager will boost memory by locating and removing files that are taking up valuable space. As well as protection from antivirus attacks it can also offer protection from malware, Trojans, adware and spyware.

Comodo Free Antivirus

One of the best free antivirus packages, Comodo incorporates its defence-plus technology containment techniques including sandboxing. It can quarantine unknown files keeping your PC’s operations safe.

It supports all Windows programmes and, crucially it stays updated on the latest viruses and malwares.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Award winning Bitdefender is simple to install and easy to use. One plus is the lack of ads looking to get you to upgrade to its paid subscriptions.

As well as malware and virus protection it offers anti-phishing and anti-fraud that detects scam websites and boasts it can even protect your data if you find yourself on a fake site.

These are just five that have consistently scored high on review sites. But there are many more available. For instance, for PC users it is highly recommended to look at Microsoft’s Windows Defender and for Mac owners Malwarebytes.

One area that has gained traction over the last few months has been email protection. Emails remain the most insecure element of most home computers and now for smartphones.

Some like offers an antivirus software that comes with email protection that can give peace of mind. But check out what others offer.

A little homework will enable you to find the one that covers your needs. Take a little time, read the reviews and check with you own systems that you may have already some form of antivirus protection.

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